Ch. Raintree Ha'Penny Behaving Badly
Breed: Bearded Collie
Color: blue
Sex: M
Born: 06-13-96 
Reg.# DL64740802
Bred by:  L. Woodcock, B&S White, JR Schneider
Owned by:  Bob & Sandy White, Lesley Woodcock & Robert Lamm
Parents  Grand-Parents  Great-Grand-Parents  Great-Great-Grand-Parents 
Ch. Ha'Penny Carob Week'nd Warrior, 01-13-91, brown, DL37024801  Ch. Windfiddler Bound to Be a Star, black,  Ch. Potterdale Double Image, black, D542100  Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove
Ch. Blumberg Hadrianna of Potterdale
Ch. Classical's Star Baby, 02- -88, black, D277150  Ch. Algobrae Sterling Silver, 05- -83, black, WE523455 (Canada) 
Orora's Julia
Ch. Ha'Penny Carob Rigbey Ch. Potterdale Pretender, 04-29-86, D620102  Ch. Pepperland Lyric John of Potterdale, brown, 
Potterdale Persuasion
Ch. Ha'Penny Sophia Sforzando Ch. Ha'Penny Black Bairn
Ch. Ha'Penny Blue Blossom, blue, 
Ch. Raintree Ha'Penny Sydney, 08-26-93, black,  Ch. Ishidot Archangel D'Arbonne, black,  Ch. Chelsic D'Arbonne Brigadier Ch. Diotima Fortune Smiles
Ch. Britannia Love Me Do
Ch. Britannia Ride to Blue Heaven, blue,  Ch. Britannia Ticket to Ride
Ch. Britannia Sweet Libeardie
Ch. Ha'Penny Seabreez M'Tress Anne, 02-04-91, black, DL390852/01  Ch. Ha'Penny Llanfair Shear Panic, 04- -89, black, D747817  Ch. Ha'Penny Moon Shadow, black, WE805466 
Ch. Ha'Penny Mercedes O'Stonehill, 05- -88, black, D349010 
Ch. Ha'Penny Misty Blue, 11- -88, blue, D307627  Ch. Chauntelle Limelight, brown, 
Ch. Ha'Penny Blue Blossom, blue,